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What to expect when you come to AHA during COVID

Things will look and operate differently for a while.  In order to better prepare you for your return to our clinic, I am including a list of the changes that you will see and will be a part of in order to receive care.

  • Your chiropractic appointments will be scheduled for 30 minutes/patient.

  • Your massage appointments are scheduled for 30, 45 or 60 minutes, depending on what you have booked.

  • You must arrive on time!  We will not be able to provide you extra treatment time if you are late for your appointment.  We need time to sanitize and disinfect between each patient visit and cannot have multiple people waiting in our office.

    • Where we would ordinarily try to fit in all complaints, we will be limited to what can be treated in your 30 minute appointment

  • PLEASE call the office upon your arrival and wait IN YOUR VEHICLE until we come and get you.

  • Hand sanitization is MANDATORY upon arrival and when leaving the clinic; you’re welcome to sanitize your hands 8 million times while in the clinic, but IN and OUT are mandatory.

  • All patients must wear a mask; this is mandatory (and super uncomfortable; we are sorry).

    • Masks will be provided for $5 should you forget to bring one, or if you do not own one.

  • Only the patient being treated will be allowed in the office during that treatment time, unless they are a minor, in which case, they can have one parent/guardian (not teenage friend) present.

  • You will be screened the night before your appointment for any symptoms consistent with COVID and again, upon your arrival to the clinic

  • If you or anyone in your home has had cold or flu symptoms in the last two weeks, please allow 5 days before scheduling your appointment

 We promise that we will be taking every possible measure to ensure your well being and good health; please do the same for us and our families.


Warmest, socially-distanced regards,

Dr. Laura

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