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What makes us, us?

At Active Health Associates we pride ourselves on providing the BEST care we can, to ALL of our patients.  What is the best care? The care YOU need for YOUR condition.

You will notice the difference that our care will bring at your first visit.  Our practitioners will spend time with you, will listen to your concerns and will do a thorough examination to assess your condition.  You will leave our office with a diagnosis and a plan of management; quite often, this plan of management also involves your family doctor, because we believe that healthcare practitioners should work as a team to ensure that you are at your healthiest.  There is nothing cookie-cutter about our process.  

  • there are no payment plans or long-term commitments to care

  • we are honest and forthcoming - we WANT you to get better and stay better

  • you have no obligation to bring family members or friends to our clinic

  • your treatment will change as you progress, but we will always remain your teammate in your recovery, healing and progress!

  • Treatments are not 5 minutes!

So often, patients expect their chiropractic visits to be short, like five minutes short! Not here. Never.  You will always have soft tissue treatments to address the muscular components to your injury.  Both the doctors at AHA are also licensed massage therapists and we truly believe in the value of treating your muscles, the active (often tired) workhorses of your joints.

You may get adjusted.  If you need it!

  • You are the biggest part of your treatment plan

We truly believe that education is key.  It is important for you to understand the anatomy and pathophysiology - the what and the why - of your condition, so that you can be part of the healing process.  You will understand why we are choosing certain treatment techniques, what to expect from these treatments and you will learn the tools you need to be proactive against further injury.

  • We love our jobs and you will be able to tell

Dr. Laura is extremely proud of the team at Active Health Associates. All of the doctors, staff and therapists are extremely caring, compassionate, positive and energetic. There is an energy in the clinic that is contagious – the perfect environment to work in and promote health from!

Everyone is welcome and everyone is treated like family!!

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